Our Favorite Wacky Ramen Commercials


Once you start researching (yes, I'm calling this "research") wacky ramen commercials on YouTube, it's hard to stop. Minutes of watching turn into hours. Hours turn into days. Days turn into critical self-reflection and relentless questioning about the universe and humanity's role in it...

...Anyway, there are loads of weird and funny ramen commercials on the internet, but I had to draw the line somewhere, so here are eight of my favorites. Share your favorites in the comments below!

Nissin Cheese Curry Cup Noodle

How does Nissin get cheesy goodness in every cup of Cheese Curry Cup Noodle? With the combined powers of Cheese Alien and Mozzarella Cheese Alien. The way nature intended.

Nissin Milk Seafood Cup Noodle

Cheese Alien is back, this time with Pepper Alien.

Namja Ramen: "I'm Your Man"

The manliest way to make instant ramen? Maybe.

Nissin Ramen: Hand Pulled

Or...is this the manliest way to make instant ramen?

Boss Noodles

The manliest way to eat ramen? Alas, Boss Noodles isn't a real noodle company; this commercial is a viral video made by a PR agency.

Nissin Cup Noodle: Ramen Stealer

Beware eating instant ramen in front of a big window in a hotel room because a window cleaner might crash through and steal your ramen and eat it while rolling down the hall on a serving cart. Lesson learned.

Nissin Top Ramen: Curry Smoodles from India

"MARRY MY DAUGHTER OR DIE." Thanks, Top Ramen!

And if you're wondering what Smoodles are, the best answer I found was "smooth noodles."

Nissin Cup Noodle: Moa

Just one of many stop-motion commercials featuring ginormous prehistoric animals being chased by hoards of hungry people. If only they had had instant noodles.