Chocoholic: Chocolate Oreo Cake

Yvonne Ruperti

There are very few reasons for me to be hanging out in the supermarket cookie aisle, contemplating the choices. Unless I'm looking for a box of my favorite Mallomars, I'm usually in a swift and purposeful (aka "frantic and rushed") search for a cookie to go into something I'm baking at home, such as graham crackers for a cheesecake, chocolate wafers for an icebox cake....or Oreo cookies. Though I can't actually remember the last time I ate an Oreo cookie on its own, I do use them regularly for my Oreo cake—a two-layered cookies and cream delight of a chocolate cake that boasts a thick layer of Oreo whipped cream filling and frosting.

I make this cake a lot. It's one of my favorite go-to cakes to make when I have to whip up something quick. Now it's not that it's an incredibly fast cake to make (it's about average), but it's the one I fall back on when I'm busy and just don't have it in me to think up a crazy creation. I mean what's easier than folding chopped Oreo cookies into whipped cream? And instead of peppering the top with multicolored buttercream rosebuds or some other fancy decorations that require me to pull out my box of food colorings, decorating an Oreo cake is a no-brainer. Just top the cake with some spirals of whipped cream and Oreo cookie halves and you've got a fun, great looking cake. It's a winner every time, especially for kids who are thrilled to see their favorite cookie in cake form.

I have to admit that it was a bit torturous to have to finally make a recipe for this cake. In all the years that I've been making it, I've never followed any set directions. When I was at my bakery, I'd just pull a plain chocolate cake from the rack and throw some handfuls of crushed Oreos into a giant bowl of whipped cream. Count out the Oreos? Measure the whipped cream? Pen a recipe for 2 thin layers of cake? Never! (Which explains the mass deviation in cake heights on my bakery rack). Until this week.

I figured that if I just halved the cake recipe for my chocolate birthday cake, I'd be able to get two layers of cake. For the Oreo whipped cream filling, however, it took me a few batches to get it right. I initially thought that whipping up two cups of cream with about 25 cookies would be plenty, but I was way off. So I whipped up another cup, and then another one, each time tallying up the number of chopped Oreos to toss in. I also kept the sugar at a minimum in the whipped cream because we all know the Oreos are quite sweet enough. As the cake is assembled, the cookie bits are still crunchy, so I always let the cake rest about 2 hours to let it all soften up.