Openings: Yet More Coal-Oven Joints in Florida

Dear Slice

Dear Slice,

I was reading your article on the coal-oven pizzerias in Florida. Surprisingly enough, there are a few more locations opening up throughout the area. There is a company called Coal Fired Pizza Co. opening in Wellington and a second location in Coral Springs. Both are due to open the first week of July.

I know this because I am the designer/builder of these ovens. Now David Manero of Manero's Restaurant Group, Gotham City, and Shore is opening up a coal-oven pizza restaurant on PGA in Palm Beach Gardens.

The myth of the coal ovens causing pollution has passed with the use of anthracite coal. Clean burning with almost no smoke and zero carcinogens.

-- Jon Illingworth, factory sales rep, Doughpro

Jon: You don't know how this kills me. Until recently, Ma and Pa Slice were residents of Wellington. They move back to Kansas, then all these coal-burners spring up. --The Management