One-Pot Wonders: Harissa Chickpeas With Fried Eggs


I don't care how over-used of a trick it may be: Putting an egg on foods like the harissa chickpeas here is still one of my favorite methods for turning a simple dish into a complete and delicious meal, no matter what the time of day.

The steps for making this recipe are very simple. First, I sauté some shallots in a pan and mix in spicy harissa for a boost of flavor and heat. Then I add canned chickpeas and stock, and allow them to simmer together so that the chickpeas soak up the flavors in the pan. I transfer the chickpeas to a serving plate and stir in some lemon and arugula.

To finish if off, I quickly fry a few eggs in the same pan (after wiping it out), then serve it all with toasted pita. The key to cooking the eggs is to get the pan nice and hot, crack the eggs into it, and then cover it so that they quickly steam from the top while cooking from the bottom.

Just like that you've got a 15-minute dinner for four.

My favorite part is always the same: Breaking into the yolk and watching it ooze out, covering the chickpeas in its richness. Granted I don't watch this for long as the urge to scoop it up with a piece of pita bread outweighs the beauty of it. Tasty, incredibly easy, and fun: This is a perfect recipe for busy weeknights or lazy Sunday mornings.