One-Pot Wonders: Warm Couscous Salad With Salmon and Mustard-Dill Dressing

Warm couscous salad with salmon and mustard-dill dressing. Yasmin Fahr

I don't know who first put dill, mustard, and salmon together, but they were clearly a culinary genius. Or at least a really smart cook. It's a common combination, and with good reason—the bold, grassy-sweet flavor of the dill and the tangy mustard team up to offset the fatty salmon for a supremely balanced effect.

In this recipe, I put to use my foolproof salmon-cooking skills to cook two hefty salmon filets—the results are moist and tender filets with crispy skin. Then, while the salmon is resting, I simply wipe out the pan and get the couscous base going. Once cooked and off the heat, I mix spinach, dill, and flaked salmon into the pasta-like pearls, allowing the couscous to fluff while wilting the spinach and re-heating the salmon (and satisfying my OCD need for efficiency—this is also when I begin giving myself imaginary high-fives).

Serving the dish while still hot makes for a great weeknight meal, but it tastes equally delicious chilled. Especially when you're eating it while sitting on a picnic blanket in the middle of a breezy park meadow.