One Bowl Baking: Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake

All you need is a bowl. Yvonne Ruperti

Ed. note: Welcome to our newest column, One Bowl Baking. Every recipe will be easy to assemble and will only dirty one bowl. That's right, less cleanup, more eating.—the Mgmt.

While I love all aspects of baking and dessert making, one of my favorite challenges is to simplify steps whenever possible. For baking recipes, that means cutting out extra heavy equipment and extra bowls. Why use a mixer, or multiple bowls, when you don't have to? These recipes are designed to save time, save on washing up, and save counter space. Ingredients are just added to the bowl in the order that they are mixed. These recipes are a reflection of the shortcuts that I often take when baking at home.

For this recipe, I was inspired by one of the most classic cookies of all time: chocolate chip. I wanted a simple bundt cake but one whose flavor went beyond simply a vanilla cake with chocolate chips. To achieve that, I used a combination of butter, brown sugar and baking soda—which adds an ever so slight soapy edge that I like in a chocolate chip cookie. The steps are easy: make a creamy paste out of the butter and sugar, then whisk in rich sour cream and eggs until combined (confession: I crack 'em right into the bowl). When it's time for adding the dry ingredients, simply add them right into the bowl and then mix. I know you might think I'm crazy for not whisking or sifting the dry mix separately first, but it works. If I see any lumpy bits of leavener, I just squish them out.

Use the chocolate of your choice. A good quality chocolate boasts killer flavor, but the mini chips are adorable (though decidedly sweeter). This cake is super buttery, tender, and moist, and oh so easy to make.