The Ultimate Guide to Eating in NYC, All in One Place

Photograph: Laura Togut; Graphic: Tracie Lee

Whether you've lived in New York all your life or you're just in town to see Rockefeller Center and the Christmas Tree, our goal at Serious Eats is to point you towards something delicious. That's why we've compiled the best of our New York stories into a comprehensive guide to eating out all across the city.

What'll you find there? Roundups to the best food near popular attractions from Grand Central to the South Street Seaport. Deep dives into Chinatown, the East Village, and more neighborhoods packed with great eating. An impassioned plea to get out of Manhattan and explore the incredible diversity of the city's outer boroughs.

You'll also find our taste tests and best-of guides to the city's most delicious dishes, from ice cream and croissants to oysters and barbecue. (Do you know what lard bread is? You will now.) And lastly, we've rounded up features on some of the city's most iconic foods so you can judge that bagel and pastrami sandwich with a more discerning eye.

But I shouldn't say lastly, because this is just the beginning. We'll be updating this page regularly with more stories and food intel, so keep your eyes peeled. There's plenty more on the horizon.