NYC Pizza Crawl: Where Do You Take Out-of-Towners?


So, I've got a couple of friends staying with me for a few days in New York. One has been here before. The other is an English boy living in Los Angeles who is here for the very first time, which, to me, means one thing: we need to get this guy some pizza, stat.

My basic question is this: If you had 3 hours and $30 a head, where would you take a complete pizza noob in New York, starting with Manhattan as your home base? Do you go the new-school route and grab a sit-down table for neo-neapolitan pies at Motorino or hop the subway to Paulie Gee's? Do I do a double duty tour and walk them through Times Square (because well, every tourist has got to see Times Square) on the way to amazing burrata and fried pizza at Don Antonio?

Or do we need to start real old school with the original coal oven New York City quintessentials like Lombardi's or John's?

Maybe we blow our entire time and budget by heading out to Di Fara in Midwood, for Dom's legendary pies. Doesn't everyone have to try it at some point in their life?

I guess I could also take them on a little slice crawl in the West Village and Soho, hitting up Bleecker Street Pizza for a fantastic grandma slice, Joe's Pizza for their top-notch New York slice, and Famous Ben's for their unique bread crumb-topped Palermo slice.

Oh damn, and then there's the new Prince Street Pizza with their best-in-class square pies.

So much pizza, so little time. Where do I start? Where would you take them?