Browse through our nut and seed guides to learn about their varieties and the textures they bring to fritters, noodles, smoothies, breads, and some of our favorite desserts.

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Spice Hunting: Annato Seeds (Achiote)
Nuts vs. Drupes: What's the Difference?
We Try All 18 Kinds of Trader Joe's Trail Mix
A pile of ginkgo fruit, which are cherry sized and golden brown.
Ginkgo Nuts
What's the Difference Between English Walnuts and Black Walnuts?
How Do They Get the Salt Inside Roasted In-Shell Peanuts?
Have You Mastered the Art of Eating Sunflower Seeds?
What's the Deal with Marzipan?
A bowl of macadamia nuts.
The Macadamia: The Toughest Nut to Crack
Important Passover Question: Is Matzo and Peanut Butter Kosher for Passover?
A jar of homemade pistachio paste.
Homemade Pistachio Paste Recipe
A bowl of Cherokee pureed nut soup topped with sweet potato
Kanuchi (Cherokee Pureed Nut Soup) Recipe
A classic Genovese-style pesto sauce made in a granite mortar with a wooden pestle.
The Best Pesto alla Genovese (Classic Basil Pesto Sauce) Recipe
A double-handled serving crock with chickpea, coconut, and cashew curry. Some naan and a bowl of steamed rice are next to it.
Chickpea, Coconut, and Cashew Curry Recipe
Lactation Cookies Recipe
Trio of white chocolate macadamia nut cookies plated
White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies Recipe
Wild Hickory Nut Shortbread Cookies
Wild Hickory Nut Shortbread Cookies Recipe
Coconut Almond Chia Seed Pudding Recipe
Black and White Chocolate Bar Cookies Recipe
Salty Nut Pie
Salty Nut Pie Recipe
White chocolate macadamia nut sheet cake
White Chocolate-Macadamia Nut Sheet Cake Recipe
Bowl of semolina halva topped with spiced nuts and dried fruit
Halva With Spice Dried Fruit and Nuts
Small bowl of Za'tar next to a piece of pita, a small bowl of olive oil, and a rectangular bowl of vegetables
Za'atar (Middle Eastern Herb Blend)
Macadamia Nut "Ricotta"
Macadamia Nut "Ricotta" From 'Nom Nom Paleo'
Do You Dukkah? All About the Middle East's Addictive Blend of Nuts, Seeds, and Spices
Three glass dishes of spiced nuts on a kitchen towel on a table. The flavors are smoky candied almonds, Mexican spiced chocolate pecans, and olive-rosemary cashews.
Spice Up Your Holiday With Three Spiced Nuts Variations
16 Sweet and Nutty Dessert Recipes
How to Make Tishpishti (Sephardic Jewish Nut Cake for Passover)
Use This Stovetop Method for an Easy, No-Bake Fruit Crisp
Macadamia Cream Cheese Cookies
Macadamia Cream Cheese Cookies Recipe
Get a Jump-Start on Holiday Prep With This Make-Ahead Roasted Squash and Kale Salad
Wake and Bake: Coconut Almond Chia Seed Pudding
Going Nuts for Horchata
Overhead view of financiers
Financiers (French Mini Almond Cakes)
A pestle pounding ingredients for romesco sauce.
Romesco Sauce Recipe
DIY Orgeat
Orgeat Recipe
A fork swirling strands of pasta in Pesto alla Trapanese.
Pesto alla Trapanese (Sicilian Pesto With Almonds and Tomatoes) Recipe
Fluffy and Nutty Almond Layer Cake Recipe
Ajo Blanco (Spanish Chilled "White Gazpacho" Bread and Almond Soup) Recipe
Lamb Meatballs With Almond-Butter Baba Ganoush
Smoky Lamb Meatballs With Almond-Butter Baba Ganoush Recipe
Chocolate Dipped Almond Horns Recipe
Almond Olive Oil Cake
Almond Olive Oil Cake for Valentine's Day Recipe | Seriously Italian
The composed green beans on a blue ceramic plate.
Haricots Verts Amandine (French-Style Green Beans With Almonds) Recipe
Panforte di Siena Recipe
Almond Biscotti With Anise Recipe
Easy, Light, and Tender Honey-Vanilla Almond Cake Recipe
Sweet-Sour Macerated Cherries With Marcona Almonds, Mint, and Ricotta Recipe
Cherry Almond Buns Recipe
Almond Joy (Toasted Coconut with Dark Chocolate and Almonds) Ice Cream Recipe
Rompope (Mexican Eggnog) Recipe
Rocky Road Ice Cream Recipe
Moroccan Almond Phyllo Pastries (A Take On M'hanncha) Recipe
Honey Almond Biscotti Recipe
French in a Flash: Quatre Épices Candied Nuts Recipe
Spanish Roast Chicken with Romesco and Grilled Onions Recipe
Strawberry-Almond Baked Oatmeal Recipe
Amaretto Joy Milkshake Recipe
Iced Coffee and Almond Sherbet Recipe