Now Available at McDonald's in Australia: The Serious Lamb Burger

This week, McDonald's in Australia released its first ever lamb burger, the Serious Lamb Burger featuring a lamb patty topped with tomato, red onion rings, egg, beetroot, salad greens, ketchup, and aioli. (Egg and beetroot are common burger toppings in Australia and New Zealand.) It costs $7.95 (about USD $8.35) and packs in 3370 kilojoules (805 calories) and 41.4 grams of fat. A smaller wrap version, the Serious Lamb Taster, is also available for $3 (about USD $3.15).

Unfortunately, we don't have any correspondents in Australia to review it, but if any of you AHT'ers try the burger, let us know how it is!

[via Burger Business, Brisbane Times]

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