Cool Drinks, NY: Cucumber-Thyme Lemonade at The Dutch


The Dutch offers two non-alcoholic drinks on their menu, a blessing for those who don't feel like imbibing but still want something a little more special than a Diet Coke. There's the Soho Punch, which is a blend of tropical fruit juices with a touch of orgeat syrup for hauntingly sweet almond notes. But it's the fizzy Cucumber-Thyme Lemonade that I keep coming back for.

It tastes like a cross between the cucumber juices you'll find at health spas and bright, classic lemonade, but it's made with fresh lemon-thyme syrup and a splash of seltzer. The result is clean and balanced, with the cucumber flavor coming in first and strongest. Lemon acts as a backdrop, adding sweet puckery freshness to every sip. And that slightly peppery flavor you're left with after the sip goes down? Ahh, fresh thyme.

If you must have this as an alcoholic drink, The Dutch offers the same lemonade boozed up with Plymouth Gin and St. Germain.

The Dutch

131 Sullivan Street, New York, NY 10012 (map) 212-677-6200