No-Cook Recipes for Summer

When the dog days of summer strike, turn to these no-cook recipes that are quick, refreshing, and light.

Sasha Marx

If the weather by you is anything like New York right now, it's hot. It's there's-no-way-I'm-turning-the-oven-on hot. At times like these, we turn to recipes that require only the bare minimum of cooking—and, moreover, are served cold. We don't want to sweat over a meal these days—we want it to be so close to effortless that we can pretend we didn't make it at all but instead had it served to us on a quiet little stretch of private beach. If you want a tasty dish that can be pulled together with the least possible heat or if you just don't want to spend your precious summer days cooking, let these 20 quick and refreshing recipes come to your rescue.