New York Pizza Shipped to Your Door


It's four days in to the holiday shopping season. Did you make some headway on that gift list over the weekend?

Naughty's a snap: A bag of Kingsford should do you. For the nice: A slice.

If you have any expatriate New Yorkers on your list or anyone who loves New York pizza and can't get it, you might want to make like Santa and try delivering a few pies to them. (There's nothing stopping you from delivering them to yourself, either.) Slice has three options for you:


Rocco's Pizza: Bay Ridge–based Rocco's offers four 12-inch pies (left) delivered overnight. The pizzas are "plain" (translation for non–New Yorkers: no toppings, just cheese), shipped via UPS in a package equipped with leakproof refrigerant gel packs. The pies will be frozen on arrival, with reheat instructions included, so recipients can either pop them into a preheated oven or deep-six them for enjoyment later. Cost: $74.25 $39 for four pies plus $35.25 shipping. Eddie's New York City Pizza, based in Brooklyn's Sunset Park, offers 18-inch plain pies. According to its website, "The pies are sealed in special packaging that allows you to remove individual slices from your refrigerator or freezer as you need them." You can order as few as one pie or packages of four, eight, or 12 pies. Shipping (FedEx 2nd Day Air) is included in the price. Order online or by phone: 800-969-NYPIES Cost: One pie, $19.95; four pies, $64.92; eight pies, $124.96; 12 pies, $179.40 This site offers pizza from a network of New York state–based pizzerias. You order a pie, and your order is "routed to a participating pizzeria" and shipped via second-day delivery on iced gel packs. delivers Sicilian pies in addition to the regular round pies. It also offers a "Pizza of the Month" option and a "Make Your Own NY Pizza" four-pie pack comprising dough, sauce, cheese, and seasonings. Cost: One regular pie, $17.98 plus $31 shipping; One Sicilian pie, $19.99 plus $31 shipping; Make Your Own NY Pizza, $49.99 plus $31 shipping.