Announcing Our New Recipe Format

A recipe format that's both more comprehensive and more concise? You asked for it, and we delivered.


This ran as an April Fools' article on April 1, 2019.

If you’re like most of the Serious Eats community, you’re here primarily for the recipes—and, if you’re like many avid readers of online food media, you’ve got little time to scroll through dissertation-length discussions of chemical reactions, or charts listing the 47 combinations of variables we tested for our chicken salad. You’re a straight shooter, and you want your recipes to be the same.

Of course, you also want your recipes to be thorough, and that means they ought to cover any possible substitution, variation, riff, hiccup, act of God, act of nature, or hitherto-unknowable circumstance that the Fates might throw your way.

We hear you!

In an effort to streamline the presentation of our recipes, we’re folding each explanation of process (previously categorized as "technique" articles) right into the relevant recipe—ensuring you have all the information you need, in one place and in an easily digested, read-on-the-fly-while-also-texting-and-driving kind of format.

To kick off the initiative this April 1, and to usher in spring properly, we’ve got a revamped and utterly foolproofed version of Stella’s popular blackberry cake. It’s our hope that under this comprehensive new recipe format, any questions you may have about the process will be answered up front. This takes the guesswork out of the equation, so you have absolutely nothing to worry about and can instead focus on what's important: figuring out how to prepare the frosting sous vide.