12 Cocktails to Celebrate Mardi Gras at Home

Ramos Fizz

If you can't make it to Cure in New Orleans to watch the bartenders shake and shake and shake this classic gin cocktail, consider enlisting a few friends to help. A touch of orange flower water adds aromatic complexity.

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[Photo: Robyn Lee]


We love New Orleans—really, really love it—but Mardi Gras is actually a kind of nutty time to visit. If you're headed to the Big Easy, by all means, get your drinking plans together, but if you're staying home this Mardi Gras, don't despair.

Host your own celebration featuring drinks from New Orleans: homemade Hurricanes and Sazeracs, fancy Ramos Gin Fizzes and newer concoctions from top bartenders. Ready to get shaking? We have 12 recipes for you right this way »