New Chobani Yogurt Flavors | Taste Test

Renata Yagolnitzer

We like to stay on top of our yogurt news here. The latest: new Chobani flavors were released in select stores in January. Maybe you've spotted them? Not only have they introduced new flavors (fig! pear!), but also some new sizes, shapes, and granola receptacles.


Let's start with the Chobani Bites because, well, they might be the cutest. Only 3.5 ounces of yogurtness compared to the usual six. These munchkin tubs come in four flavors: Fig with Orange Zest, Caramel with Pineapple, Coffee with Dark Chocolate Chips, and Raspberry with Dark Chocolate Chips.

Clearly Chobani is going for a sweeter, semi-indulgent line here, but they've kept it a "mindful" size, so unless you eat four of these in one go, it's still considered a snack. The least sweet of the four, and also my favorite, was the Fig and Orange Zest with its jammy fig bits and tartness from the orange zest. Warning: it's a bit sad when it's already over in just three spoonfuls.

Coffee yogurt might be a completely separate conversation we need to have—should it be real-coffee-tasting or more ice-cream-sweet? Is it just coffee ice cream disguised as yogurt? Given the Greek yogurt tang present in the Coffee with Dark Chocolate Chips, it kind of tastes like a splash of sour milk fell into your morning coffee. The coffee flavor is faint though, and the dark chocolate chips add a nice textural element, so we're mostly fine with this existing.


Let's move onto the Chobani Flip; what the flip, you say? A new structural design featuring portion-controlled toppings receptacles! Toasted almonds, raspberries, honeyed oats, and other stuff is hanging out on the side.

"Honey Bee-Nana" is Chobani's classic honey yogurt paired with banana mush. Though strange-tasting on its own, the 'nana mush is a pretty reasonable banana facsimile once it's all stirred in. Still, we'd prefer a fresh banana sliced on top.

Vanilla Golden Crunch is a vanilla yogurt with cornflakes, honey oats, and pecans—very Honey Bunches-esque topping but sweeter and crunchier. Good for people who need to doctor up their yogurt, though it veers into dessert territory. Key Lime Crumble is another one that's very desserty, though in fairness it is inspired by a pie. Key lime and graham cracker crumbs is a classic combo, and Chobani adds tiny, chewy white chocolate chips.

Almond Coco Loco tastes richer than low-fat yogurt usually does with the addition of shredded coconut, chocolate chips, and almonds. One advanced feature here: not one but two receptacles to keep the almond and chocolate bits separate from the yogurt, maintaining the integrity of the crunch. Anyone who's had a soggy pre-made yogurt parfait knows how clever this is. Strawberry Sunrise is pretty straightforward: some strawberry yogurt with honeyed oats (loose oats, not clusters). Satisfying without any fake-fruit flavors.


Finally, two flavors that Chobani created as a response to fan requests: non-fat pear (o%) and low-fat banana (2%). Like most Greek yogurts, the low-fat version is substantially richer-tasting than the nonfat. Banana and pear bits are swirled in and, once again, they aren't a bad facsimile for the fresh stuff if you don't have some fruit lying around to slice up.

Greek yogurt addicts out there, what say ye?

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(Side note: if you're more of a savory toppings on yogurt person, the Chobani Soho store is now offering one with smoked salmon and dill.)