12 Kid-Friendly Recipes for Mother's Day Brunch at Home

Put the kids to work on easy, one-bowl recipes like jammy blueberry scones, fluffy scrambled eggs, or a cinnamon-scented apple pancake.

A piece of coffee cake on a plate
Vicky Wasik

Mother's Day is the perfect excuse to treat Mom to a homemade brunch. This set of recipes—including standards like French toast, vanilla-scented waffles, plush pancakes, fluffy scrambled eggs, and crispy bacon—was compiled with an eye for simplicity. Many of these main courses, sweets, and sides, like the coffee cake and cinnamon rolls, come together easily in one bowl, making them ideal projects to tackle with kids.

Others, like the cream biscuits, scrambled eggs, and banana-peanut butter oatmeal, can be cooked and on the table in under 30 minutes, so they're perfect for lazy, sleepy weekend mornings. Eggs en cocotte with tomatoes and goat cheese and the German apple pancake might sound and look fancy, but they're composed of techniques that even a toddler can help with. A little bit of planning ahead will ensure brunch is on the table and ready for Mom next Sunday morning—whether she likes to sleep in or not.

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