Give Pork Kebabs a Flavor Boost With Mojo Sauce and Mango

Cubed pork chops marinated in garlicky and tangy orange sauce are paired with sweet mango in these mojo pork kebabs. Joshua Bousel

All month, we're firing up the grill and churning out the kebabs. Check out our guide to great grilled kebabs to get started, and then jump in with one of our weekly recipes. Today, we're taking on pork and giving it a flash of fruity heat in the form of versatile, flavor-packed mojo sauce.

Ever since discovering the garlicky sour orange mojo sauce, I have yet to be disappointed. In fact, I'm hard-pressed to think of an application it wouldn't do well in—it's great as a dip, a baste for rotisserie chicken, or a marinade for steak. Pairing mojo with yet another meat, I tried marinating brined and cubed pork chops in it for kebabs.

To add some contrast to the tangy sauce, I alternated the pieces of mojo-soaked meat on the skewers with sweet mango slices. With the pork grilled over high heat until it was a nice medium to medium-well, I was reassured to find that mojo sauce once again worked some serious magic. The pork winds up with a sharp garlicky bite, a bright acidity, and a little earthiness—a flavor combo perfectly suited to the fruity chunks of ripe mango.