Mocha-Coconut Tiramisu From 'Seriously Delish'

A coconut-forward rendition of tiramisu gives the classic dessert a tropical flavor that's appropriate for any time of year. Jessica Merchant

Tiramisu has always felt like a wintertime dessert. The denseness of mascarpone combined with elegant ladyfingers soaking in coffee seems like an indulgence best enjoyed when there's a chill in the air. But it's a beautiful dish, and we welcome any tweaks that make it appropriate for all times of year. Witness this Seriously Delish creation, which uses whipped coconut milk and coconut rum to add a undeniably tropical note to a normally coffee-heavy dessert. It's just as rich and inviting as the original.

Tips: Just like the thickest, most stable whipped cream is made with the fattiest whipping cream, the thickest, most stable coconut whipped cream is made with full-fat coconut milk. "Light" coconut milk will contain more water than full-fat coconut milk, which means that once you separate the liquid from the cream, you're left with less cream, and ultimately less whipped cream. Don't try to cut calories and go with light coconut milk here—a couple cans of full-fat will yield the result you want.

Tweaks: Speaking of coconut, the flavor is echoed throughout via the aforementioned coconut milk, as well as coconut rum, coconut extract, and toasted flaked coconut sprinkled on top. Finding coconut flaked or distilled is simple, but coconut extract is a bit trickier. Bottles range from 5.99 to 21.99, and supermarket brands vary widely. The best one we've tried is available from King Arthur Flour, and is very potent. Of course, if you can't find coconut extract in the baking and spices aisle of your local supermarket, there is plenty of coconut power in this dessert that you won't sorely miss it.