21 Miso Recipes for Soups, Salads, Snacks, and More

21 miso recipes that illustrate how you can harness the fermented soy bean paste's versatility.

Vicky Wasik

Cooking with miso can sometimes feels like cheating. It packs a powerful punch of umami and a slightly sweet earthiness, and the combination can imbue almost any dish with an enormous amount of flavor. Since the rich paste, made by fermenting soybeans with koji, is quite salty, you only need to add a relatively small amount to any given recipe, which means that when you buy a tub, you're likely to have some on hand for a while.

Miso isn't just used for making miso soup; the savory and sweet potential of miso is near limitless. Even if you haven't yet gotten around to stocking a Japanese pantry, make sure you have miso on hand to make these 21 Japanese and non-Japanese recipes alike.