8 Delicious Milkshake Recipes to Bring out Your Inner Kid

Autumn Giles

For lots of us, milkshakes aren't just delicious—they appeal to our sense of nostalgia, too. They conjure up the days of soda jerks and drugstore fountains, or, for those of us too young to remember things like that, just remind us of the little joys of childhood, right down to the ritual final step of dragging your straw all over the cup's bottom to slurp and vacuum up every last drop. And, as summertime desserts go, it's hard to go wrong with milkshakes: They need no cooking and minimal prep time, and they allow for more creativity than a plain scoop of ice cream.

Speaking of getting creative, below are 8 recipes for milkshakes that do just that, from a Snickers-inspired creation to a date kefir number. Don't let the rest of the summer slip by without enjoying at least one.

Coffee Cabinets (Rhode Island–Style Coffee Milkshakes)

Alexandra Penfold

Homemade coffee syrup, coffee ice cream, and chilled coffee get blended together for a shake that'll undoubtedly put a spring in your step. Making your own coffee syrup leaves you in charge of the roast and level of sweetness, but you can also swap in a store-bought variety for convenience.

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Amaretto Joy Milkshake

Autumn Giles

Why eat candy when you can drink it? Coconut cream and flakes, chocolate ice cream, sliced almonds, and a bit of amaretto blend to emulate the rich coconut–chocolate flavor of an Almond Joy. Emphasis on joy.

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Better Than Snickers Milkshake

Autumn Giles

If you're more of a Snickers fan, this thick shake—close to a sundae, really—brings all your favorite flavors together. A blend of caramel ice cream, peanut butter, and cocoa powder, topped off with caramel sauce and chopped peanuts, it just might be better than the Snickers itself.

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Spiked Thin Mint Milkshake

Spiked Thin Mint Milkshake
Robyn Lee

Now's the time to raid that stash of Thin Mints you started hoarding back in January: This milkshake unites the Girl Scout Cookie classics with chocolate and mint chip ice cream, cocoa powder, peppermint schnapps, and a splash of tequila. The result is a shake that's intensely Thin Mint–y, but not overly alcoholic.

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Spiked Samoa Milkshake

Robyn Lee

Samoas, Caramel deLites, whatever you call them—they deserve the milkshake treatment. Combine rich dulce de leche ice cream with rum and coconut milk, then garnish with chocolate syrup and toasted coconut for a treat that's a little tropical and totally irresistible.

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Spiked Tagalong Milkshake

Robyn Lee

The smooth peanut butter insides of a Tagalong are just calling out to be transformed into a creamy milkshake. For this grown-up shake, spike chocolate and butter pecan ice cream with bourbon, and add peanut butter and a bit of salt to give it a salty-sweet depth.

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Kefir Date Shake

Autumn Giles

The natural sweetness of dates lends a caramel-like flavor to this shake, transforming frozen yogurt and kefir into a not-too-sweet, but very special dessert.

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