21 Make-Ahead Pitcher Cocktail Recipes for Memorial Day

These big-batch, make-ahead cocktail recipes will make your Memorial Day cookout a breeze.

A glass of Sparkling Rosé Sangria With Aperol and Peaches, and a pitcher of the cocktail in the background.
Vicky Wasik

Memorial Day is coming up, and that means that cookout season is officially starting. Arguably the most important part of any holiday bash is having good drinks on hand, and we have two requirements for great cookout cocktails. First, and most obviously, they should be refreshing—this is the time for bright spirits, bitter aperitifs, and fresh fruit. Second, they should be easy—who wants to spend all their time at a party mixing drinks (especially when there's a grill to tend to)?

Batched cocktails are the best choice for a large gathering, since you can do the lion's share of the work before your guests arrive. Once they walk in the door, all you'll have to do is pour the drink over ice; top it off with a little fizz in the form of sparkling wine, beer, or soda, as needed; and hand it off. Below, we've rounded up 21 of our favorite make-ahead, big-batch cocktails for warm weather: an effervescent pineapple-rum punch, a tequila-based twist on the Salty Dog, a fruity rosé sangria, and more.