Gallery: Mel's Burger Bar: Good for Morningside Heights, but Nothing Special

Mel's cheeseburger
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    Mel's Burger Bar

    It's an odd cross between a Vintage burger shop and a sports bar, but it still seems to work.

    Double Double ($10.50)

    double cheeseburger

    Three times the price, and half the flavor of the In-N-Out Original. It's a disproportionately large sandwich that's a pain to eat.

    Atomic Fries ($5)

    french fries with hot sauce

    Their regular fries are good, and Frank's Red Hot is good on just about anything, but a few squirts of hot sauce and some chopped jalapeños do not Atomic Fries make.

    Zucchini Wedges ($6)

    fried zucchini wedges

    Perfectly crisp and greaseless, these were the standout of the meal.

    Onion Strings ($5)

    onion strings

    A massive tangle of onion strings are crisp and super onions, but a bit tough. They go well on top of the burgers.

    6 Hour Smoked BBQ Brisket Sandwich ($11)

    BBQ brisket sandwich

    No trace of smoke flavor to be found here. The brisket is tender, but a little wet, with a sweet barbecue sauce reminiscent of a sloppy Joe.

    The Broadway ($10.25)

    Broadway burger melt

    Their version of a classic patty melt with a burger patty, caramelized onions, and Swiss on toasted rye along with a couple slices of Nueske's bacon and jalepeños. It's a fine sandwich, but simply didn't come together cohesively.

    Shakes ($6-7)

    pouring milkshake

    Proper pourable, suckable consistency and great flavor. Get 'em spiked if you so desire.

    Mel's cheeseburger