McDonald's Japan Giving Away French Fry Holders for Cars

Starting next Wednesday, April 24, McDonald's Japan is giving away french fry holders for cars with purchase of a value meal and a large order of fries as part of their "potato holder" campaign. But the "potato holder" can do more than just hold potatoes. So much more.


You can use it to hold plastic utensils. Or your phone. Or your glasses. Or your pens and pencils. Or...other small things. McDonald's Japan wants customers to Tweet different uses for the holder for the chance to win a ¥1000 Mac card. The campaign runs until May 7 in honor of Golden Week when many people in Japan will be on vacation and, McDonald's thinks, have more opportunities to eat fries in cars.


The first time we heard of french fry holders for cars was in 2008, although that model seems to no longer be available. Other french fry holders include this, this, and this.

[via RocketNews24]

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