Gallery: American Table Cafe and Bar: Marcus Samuelsson Comes to Lincoln Center

  • Braised Short Ribs ($18)

    braised short ribs and mashed potatoes

    Amongst the best I've had anywhere, steam table or no. Meltingly tender and rich, cooked just so, and served on top of an insanely buttery, horseradish-scented rough purée of Yukon gold potatoes.

    Turkey Meatball Sandwich ($12)

    Turkey Meatball Sandwich

    No Samuelsson venture would be complete without some version of his meatballs. American Tables' meatballs go the turkey route, with a decidedly more meatloaf-like texture—tender and flavorful. In place of lingonberry jam, you get a swipe of cranberry sauce along with some excellent pickled red cabbage and a saucerful of mushroom gravy.

    Country Ham Biscuits ($12)

    country ham biscuits with side salad

    They don't taste like country ham (I could swear it was sliced city ham in there), but are nevertheless tasty, with excellent tender, buttery biscuits.

    BBQ Pork Sliders ($12)

    BBQ pork sliders

    No smoky barbecue flavor to speak of, but they are nonetheless juicy and packed with porky flavor complemented by a crunchy apple slaw

    Side of Pickles ($5)

    Pickled onions, cucumbers, and carrots

    If you've had any of Samuelsson's food, you'd know he has a good way with pickles, and the Pickled Onions, Cucumbers, and Carrots are perfect for snacking on.

    Cocktails ($13 each)


    The Penny Arcade is a vanilla-scented twist on the Sazerac served on the rocks, while the Minuet is a maraschino-less Aviation that goes down just a little too easy if you want to stay awake and alert during the concert.

    Taco Doro Wat ($12)

    Taco Doro Wat

    Taco Doro Wat is an odd mish-mash of Ethiopian food served in a Mexican setting, but it works. The spiced chicken stew is robust enough that you could mistake it for pork, its juices barely contained by the corn tortillas it comes piled on top of along with fresh cheese and a crushed hard boiled egg.

    Lobster Roll ($19)

    Lobster roll and chips

    Fried shallots and a mustardy dressing were an interesting and not at all unpleasant twist on the classic cold lobster salad, we both dearly missed the sweet, butter-toasted bun that is as essential to a great lobster roll as the lobster itself.

    Squash Soup ($8)

    squash soup and a sandwich

    Gingery, aromatic, and soul-soothingly rich and velvety. The grilled cheese we decided to tack on for an extra $6 was a miss, however, with chunks of still-cold cheese in the center of some barely-toasted bread from the panini press.

    Spiced Bread Pudding

    spiced bread pudding

    Served with salted caramel and whipped cream, it's the kind of dessert that actually improves as it sits, slowly softening to a near pudding-like texture.