Gallery: Eating Everything on the Salad Bar at Maoz Vegetarian

  • A Big, Big Sandwich

    A Big, Big Sandwich

    At under 5 bucks and over a pound, this is probably the best deal in fast food.

    The Salad Bar

    An amazing array of colors confronts you as you make your way down the bar. If those nutritionists are right and the key to balanced nutrition is feasting on as many colors as possible, Maoz has got you covered.

    Carrots, Cabbage, Broccoli, and Tabouleh

    Tender cooked carrots tossed with parsley and similarly dressed shredded red cabbage are flavorful and well-seasoned. The tabouleh is herb-heavy in a tasty way, though a bit overcooked when I've had it. The fried cauliflower and broccoli may well be the tastiest things at the restaurant. Deep-fried until deep golden brown and simply seasoned with salt, they get an intense nuttiness while retaining a nice crunchy bite.


    Crunchy, salty, and sharp cucumber pickles are a must in any of my sandwiches. Black and green olives are passable but nothing spectacular. The pickled red baby eggplant—an Israeli import—are the do-not-miss topping of choice. Intensely flavored and bright, bright red, they've got a completely distinct but deliciously vinegary flavor.

    More Salads

    Tender-sweet cubes of sweet beets and their chickpea salad seasoned with olive oil, red onions, and parsley make alternating appearances in my sandwich, occasionally double-teaming when I'm feeling particularly frisky (warning: the beets will stain everything else red). Cole slaw is better-than-standard-issue. Lightly creamy, super fresh and crunchy, and nicely seasoned. The tomato and cucumber salad is the only other pass-uppable choice in the bar. The times I've had it, the tomatoes have been typical out-of-season mealy variety.

    Get Sauced

    A trio of white sauces—tahini, herbal yogurt, and extremely garlicky garlic mayo—are the more typical options, but I vastly prefer the herb-based options. The regular cilantro sauce is great, but if you like heat (I do), go for the hot cilantro. Bright and fresh with a strong kick, it pairs nicely with cool yogurt. The onion and tomato chutney is pungent and flavorful, but leave the watery salsa behind.