Man in Michigan Attempts to Make World's Largest Meatball


It's good to have goals. And for Gerald Barkley, a math and science teacher at a community college in Michigan, last weekend it was to make the world's first 350-pound meatball. "It started as a joke," his colleague told the South Bend Tribune (you know, just one of those, ha, what if we made a 350-pound ball of meat? jokes) inspired by a couple of major meatball records set last year.

In September, there was a 198.6-pound meatball on Jimmy Kimmel Live, which was soon bested by Nonni's Italian Eatery in Concord, New Hampshire (222.5 pounds).

This latest attempt is about 327 pounds of ground chuck (plus the seasonings add some weight), with a diameter of 30 inches. Barkley is still awaiting approval from the Guinness Book of World Records officials. After the meat boulder was forklifted into a huge oven and cooked, the center of the ball's temperature was taken and, tragically, hadn't reached 160°F. Oops.

Barkley (and his very emotionally invested supporters) are hoping they can still claim the record with that 30 pounds of cooler meat removed.

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