Main Dish Recipes

If it goes in the center of your plate, you'll find it here. These main dish recipes span just about any cuisine you can think of, with meals for every skill level.
Two square slices of Sicilian pepperoni pizza on a cream colored stoneware plate.
Sicilian Pizza With Pepperoni and Spicy Tomato Sauce Recipe
Channa masala and white rice on a blue plate decorated with white lines. The plate is on a dark blue surface.
Channa Masala Recipe
Menemen (Turkish-Style Scrambled Eggs With Tomatoes, Onions, and Chilies) Recipe
The anda bhurji on a white ceramic plate with toasted white bread and a pat of butter on a stone counter
Anda Bhurji (Spicy Indian Scrambled Eggs) Recipe
Fu Pei Guen (Chinese Bean Curd Rolls) With Pork, Mushroom, and Ginger Recipe
Break Out Your Nonstick Skillet for the Best Crispy Duck Leg Confit
Chicken scarpariello in a round ceramic platter. The platter is on a maroon colored piece of cloth, and there is a broken loaf of bread on the left hand side of the image.
21 One-Pot Dinner Recipes to Make Life (and Weeknights) Easier
Overhead view of eggplant stir-fry plated on a blue plate on a blue background
Makheua Yao Pad Tao Jiao (Stir-Fried Eggplant With Minced Pork)
Overhead view of a fork of moussaka on a plate
Moussaka Recipe
Overhead view of a plate of garlic pasta with grated cheese and lime wedges alongside
Creamy Garlic Pasta
Overhead view of harissa with pickled vegetables and lavash
Harissa (Armenian Wheat and Chicken Porridge)
A plate of Khua Kling Gai on a blue table
Khua Kling Gai (Southern Thai Dry Curry With Minced Chicken) Recipe
Two plated dishes of tomato and egg with rice on a grey, textured background
Chinese Scrambled Eggs With Tomato Recipe
Serving bowl of Frozen Simmered Tofu Soup with Pork, Cabbage, and Rice Noodles with rice alongside
Simmered Frozen Tofu Soup With Pork and Cabbage
Buttermilk fried rabbit pieces on a serving plate
Southern Fried Rabbit
Overhead of a serving plate of noodles dressed with fish curry, with assorted vegetable garnishes and a soft-cooked egg on the side.
Kanom Jeen Nam Ya (Thai Fish Curry with Rice Noodles)
Kilawin: Grilled Pork, Punchy Sauce, Can't Lose
Gaeng Om Gai (Isan-Style Herbal Curry with Chicken and Dill)
Gaeng Om Gai (Isan-Style Herbal Curry with Chicken and Dill)
Gaeng Massaman Neua (Thai Massaman Curry with Beef)
Gaeng Massaman Neua (Thai Massaman Curry with Beef)
tortang talong on a black plate with white rice and banana ketchup
Tortang Talong (Filipino Eggplant Omelette)
Gaeng Khiao Waan Gai (Thai Green Curry with Chicken) in a large serving bowl
Gaeng Khiao Waan Gai (Thai Green Curry with Chicken)
Labaniyeh bil Ruz in a black bowl with toasted pine nuts
Labaniyeh bil Ruz (Garlicky Yogurt and Rice Porridge) Recipe
Sheet-Pan Spiced Cauliflower and Tofu With Ginger Yogurt Recipe
8 Sheet-Pan Dinner Recipes for Easy Weeknight Meals
10 Better-From-Scratch Chinese-Takeout Favorites
Close-up of cevapi tucked inside Serbian bread with roasted red pepper and eggplant sauce on the side
Cevapi (Southeastern European Meat and Onion Sausages) Recipe
Easy Mixed-Cheese Quiche Recipe
Picante de Cuy Mentiroso, or Fibbing Guinea Pig, on a plate with potatoes and sauce.
Picante de Cuy Mentiroso (Fibbing Guinea Pig) From Ceviche: Peruvian Kitchen
Chinese hot pot filled with simmering broth, fish balls, tofu, and vegetables
Chinese-Style Hot Pot With Rich Broth, Shrimp Balls, and Dipping Sauces Recipe
Quick and Easy Vegetarian Tamale Pie With Brown Butter Cornbread Crust Recipe
Grilled Queso Panela With Roasted Tomatillo and Poblano Salsa Recipe
Tofu Skin Rolls Recipe
A bowl of hobak beombeok, showing its warm autumnal colors, a thick, slightly chunky, porridge-like consistency.
Hobak Beombeok (Korean Squash, Sweet Potato, and Bean Porridge)
Tex-Mex Cheese Enchiladas With Red Chili Gravy Recipe
15 Homemade Fast Food and Takeout Favorites (That Are at Least as Good as the Originals)
Cheesy Stuffed Mexican Peppers With Red Chili Sauce Recipe
Grilled Chorizo-Stuffed Poblano Peppers Recipe
Golden Egg Curry
Naomi Duguid's Golden Egg Curry
Silken Tofu With Spicy Sausage Recipe
Tamale pie in a cast-iron skillet with a slice of it on a ceramic plate.
Tamal de Cazuela (Mexican Tamale Pie) With Black Bean Filling Recipe
How to Make Salteñas (Bolivian Hand Pies) From Scratch
A slice of s salt-and-vinegar Spanish tortilla resting on a cutting board, topped with quick cheaty allioli.
Salt-and-Vinegar Spanish Tortilla With Quick Cheaty Allioli Recipe
Traditional French Cassoulet
23 Big Family Dinner Recipes to Feed a Crowd
A plate of frozen tofu braised in soy sauce.
Ichiya-Dofu (Japanese Night-Dried)-Style Tofu Braised in Soy Sauce Recipe
Slow-Roasted Spice-Rubbed Venison Loin Recipe
Asian Cabbage Rolls with Spicy Pork on a plate with sauce and greens.
Asian Cabbage Rolls with Spicy Pork Recipe | Cook the Book
Toasted Bulgur Salad With Smoked Trout, Radishes, and Green Apple
29 Hearty, Healthy(ish) Make-Ahead Lunches
Pan-Roasted Quail With Plum Pan Sauce Recipe
Beer-Braised Bison Pot Roast Recipe
Chickpea, Potato, and Spinach Jalfrezi With Cilantro Chutney Recipe
Spicy, Smoky Bean Cakes with Lime Slaw and Charred Avocado Recipe
Easy Grilled Cornish Hens and Zucchini With Greek Marinade, Tzatziki, and Greek Salad Recipe
Three slices of Brazo de Reina topped with spoonfuls of tomato frito.
Brazo de Reina From 'Yucatán'
Stir-fried Tripe with Chili Bean Paste Recipe
The Pizza Lab: Awesome Pizza Without An Oven (a.k.a. Skillet Pizza)
Multi-Grain Congee (Chinese Rice Porridge) Recipe
Cornish Game Hens with Prosciutto and Rosemary with White Beans Recipe
Saffron Risotto with Shrimp and Pistachios Recipe