Macaron Week Round-Up

Of course those are Pierre Hermé macarons.

I hope you enjoyed reading this week's macaron posts as much as I enjoyed writing and doing research for them. And by "doing research" I mean "eating a lot of macarons."

Here's a round-up of the posts in case you missed any of them:

In a related Talk topic, Sandro asked, "People just pretend to actually love macaroons, right?" My answer would be, "No, I'm quite sure I love them. But maybe I should eat another one just to be sure."

For more macaron goodness, check out Carol Gillot's latest post on Paris Breakfasts where she visits Gérard Mulot's macaron-filled kitchen. Aside from the photos of muti-tiered macaron-filled tray carts, the part of the entry that most grabbed me was this paragraph:

Many of the stagieres / workers are from Japan. There are (are you sitting down!) 18 Gerard Mulot shops in Japan just selling ONLY MACARONS!!!! WOW! They all come to Paris to learn the recipe and get the training. Hello? YOW American pastry chefs get off your duffs and get on!

I'll gladly go to Paris to be properly trained in the macaron arts.