Mac and Cheese Pizza: Ian's Pizza, Madison, Wisconsin

Photograph from John Kannenberg on Flickr

I thought I had blogged about this crazy phenomenon already, but a search through the Slice archives brought up bupkes on it. The thing at right is a slice of pizza topped with mac and cheese. It's sold—where else?—in the Dairy State, Wisconsin, Madison, to be exact. At a joint called Ian's Pizza.

The University of Wisconsin's Daily Cardinal gives some insight into the founder Ian Gurfield's motives: "Gurfield, a graduate from the University of Massachusetts, opened his first Ian’s location on Frances Street in 2001—when he was only 21 years old. He said his hope was to find a college town that had a late night scene, admitting his 'target market is drunk college students.'"

That sounds about right. I bet this thing would taste pretty damn good about three sheets in. [via YumSugars]


319 North Frances Street, Madison WI 53703 (map); 608-257-0597 115 State Street, Madison WI (map); 608-442-3535