Love Pasta and a Good Cause? This Starch Madness Merch Is for You

Here to help you build a fully immersive pasta environment.


If there's any silver lining to be found in this period of prolonged self-isolation, it's that we get to enjoy our fill of pantry staples like pasta as many times a day as we please. And for the Serious Eats team, that's pretty much as often as possible. We love pasta—enough to have created a March Madness–style bracket called Starch Madness that pits pasta shapes against each other; enough to rant about said shapes and the borderline criminal ways some people cook them; enough, even, to have commissioned a slew of Starch Madness theme songs to sing pasta's praises.

But sometimes, voting, writing, lecturing, and singing about pasta isn't enough to feed the pasta obsession. Sometimes, you also need the merch. To complete the fully immersive pasta environment we're all craving right now, visual director Vicky Wasik has uploaded some of her favorite pasta photos to the website Society6, where you can now pick up pasta-covered tote bags, phone cases, throw pillows, coasters, art prints, T-shirts, and more. At the time of writing, a great deal of these items are on sale for 30% off.

But here's the best part: All of the profits we receive from your purchases will go to humanitarian chef José Andrés's charity, World Central Kitchen. WCK is a not-for-profit devoted to providing meals to the food insecure in the wake of natural disasters, including the current coronavirus pandemic. So pick up a few new totes for your weekly trip to the supermarket; a pillow to scream into; a handful of coasters for all the hydrating (and dehydrating) you're doing; a clock to watch the minutes tick by; or a shirt you only occasionally change out of, and send some funds to a good cause along the way.

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