Springtime at McDonald's: We Try The Limited-Edition Strawberry & Creme Pie

Jessica Leibowitz

Fast-food junkies, proud or ashamed, we've got some good news for you: Mickey D's is currently offering a limited time only variation on its venerable Apple Pie—this one is stuffed with Strawberries & Creme ($1.19).

The pie is presumably meant to complement the McDonald's Strawberry Shake: they're pictured together on the menu. For a few bucks, you can have yourself a nice flight of desserts.

Here's the big surprise (at least for those of us who generally regard fast food as the devil's handiwork): this pie is actually pretty good. Its edges are nicely browned and crispy, and even the less-bronzed dough in the middle is tender and flaky. As for the filling, two stripes run down the center: one, sweet strawberry jelly; the other, a smooth cream cheese mixture that actually manages to retain a bit of its dairy tang. If you're a fan of Pop-Tarts, or especially Toaster Strudels, you're bound to like this treat. If you're interested, pick one up today—as with all of McDonald's limited-edition specials, you never know when they'll yank it from the menu.