15 Delicious Dips to Pair With Vegetables, Pita, and More

Our favorite dips to help you keep your New Year's resolution to eat more vegetables.

Derek Lucci

A new year often brings new resolutions, and many—myself included—have resolved to try to eat a little better this year. I’ve taken it upon myself to eat more raw fruits and vegetables, but I've found it challenging to keep things interesting. Luckily, the world of dips is vast and wondrous, and tapping into it can transform a drab side of raw vegetables into something delicious.

Though dips are often associated with parties and gatherings, there’s no reason we can’t whip one up for two (or even one!) to enjoy, considering how easy they are to put together. Elegant spreads like salmon rillettes and vegetarian pâté make a healthy midday snack something to look forward to, while creamy white bean dip and Lebanese garlic sauce feel like perfect everyday treats. And if you’d rather ditch the veggies for something heartier, you can always opt for some pita bread or crackers instead. Read on for 15 of our favorite dips to help you keep your New Year's resolution while hopefully keeping it interesting, too.