Let Them Eat: Maple Cake with Brown Butter Apples


I was looking for a gift for my goddaughter in the young adult section of a bookstore a few years back and picked up some of the glossier spined novels that had recently been highly publicized or turned into popular primetime TV shows. I was appalled. Aghast. Shocked. Plus, I didn't know what some of the, ahem, maneuvers they were discussing even meant.

Thank goodness the Little House and Anne of Green Gables books were just a few authors away. My scarlet-blushed face cooled down and went back to its usual pallor as I immersed myself in those wholesome stories. I quietly but furiously hoped that there were still young girls out there who were just as thrilled reading about stocking the cellar for winter than about Goyard bags.

I know, I'm a sap, but I can't help it. I read those books over and over until the backs were cracked and the dog-eared pages howled to be left alone. It's those books that are largely responsible for making me love the kitchen. I digress...but actually, now that I mention sap, today's recipe is Maple Cake with Brown Butter Apples. The flavors of deep, toasty, caramel melt into tart green apples that are sautéed in brown butter, sugar, and syrup then perched on top of moist, buttery, and maple-laden cake.

Wholesome, pure, and simple. No awkward maneuvering required.