Let Them Eat: Apricot Turnover Cake

Square slice of apricot turnover cake on a white plate with a fork on the side.

This cake isn't a crazy, marshmallow-studded, Ritz cracker-stuffed, chocolate cereal-sprinkled, multi-layered, loud creation—but rather a minimal, comfortable silence sort of cake. I gravitate towards the big, bold, and colorful, but from time to time, calm is what I need.

This cake is one of many from my great-grandmother's recipe collection; it's an upside-down cake, but she called it a "turnover." Cute, no? The cake is made with the usual suspects: butter, sugar, eggs, flour, etc., which is why every time I make it I am stunned at how delicious it is. Alchemy, no doubt.

Great-grandma baked her turnover in a cast iron skillet, topped it with canned pineapple slices, and decorated it with maraschino cherry halves. To put my stamp on it, I've added brown butter to the brown sugar topping and substituted apricot wedges for her pineapple and cherries.

I've also opted for baking the cake in a 13- by 9-inch cake pan rather than a cast iron skillet, just in case you didn't have one; I didn't want you to miss out! More importantly, aside from the convenience factor of the cake pan, baking it in this size makes a thinner layer of cake: better fruit'n'sugar-to-cake ratio.

Gooey top, tart fruit, buttery cake. Simply the best.