Kitchen in a Box


The horrors of lugging overstuffed, ill-packed boxes and bags while moving in and out of my college dorm came flooding back when I saw the Kitchen in a Box Dorm Room Set. My life would've been much easier if I had simply gotten a box that contained all the necessary kitchen supplies instead of gathering random kitchen tools from around my house and then, after realizing that I was missing something as basic as a can opener or a food storage container, having to buy more stuff to fill my dorm room kitchen and inevitably schlep back home. As for how much quality $30 for 40 items will buy you I don't know, but surely the spoons and containers would adequately spoon and contain. This might be something the college student in your life could use before the new semester starts. For those of you moving into a new apartment, there's also a slightly different Kitchen in a Box First Apartment Starter Set [via Cooking Gadgets]