Basic Kitchen Equipment

All the basic gear, cookware, knives, and tools you need to properly stock a kitchen, none of the junk you don't.
five sauciers stacked on top of one another
We Tested Sauciers—Here Are Our Favorite Models
Bonavita and Mr. Coffee coffee makers
We Tested Coffee Makers That Cost $150 (or Less)—Here Are Our Favorites
Cast iron and carbon steel cookware, plus enameled cast iron Dutch ovens
The Best Kitchen Gear We Bought in 2021
Best Oven Mitts
We Tested 14 Oven Mitts and Pot Holders to Find the Best Ones
Popsicles with popsicle molds
We Tested Popsicle Molds to Find the Best Ones for Icy Treats
a group of paper towel alternative products
The Best Paper Towel Alternatives
an oxo mini measuring cup being used to pour liquid into a pot of cooking stew
In Praise of Mini Measuring Cups
Essential Tools for Fermentation at Home
Rulers for your kitchen
The Best Kitchen Rulers To Have On Hand
A close-up of an end-grain board
The Best Wooden Cutting Boards
Box grater on a cutting board flanked by a rind of cheese and foregrounded by a pile of shredded cheese
The Best Box Graters, According to Our Tests
We Tested 12 Pairs of Kitchen Shears to Find the Best Ones
We Tested More Than 20 Pepper Mills—Here Are The Best Ones
The Best Inexpensive Digital Thermometers, According to Our Tests
What To Know When Choosing A Whisk
Dry measuring cups stacked inside each other
We Tested 11 Sets of Dry Measuring Cups—Here's the Best One
How to Upgrade Your Kitchen and Save Money at a Restaurant Supply Store
Baking Sheets and Cooling Racks Belong in Every Kitchen
The Best Pro Cooking Tools for Your Home Kitchen
Wood Versus Plastic Cutting Boards
Introducing the Serious Eats X Tilit Apron
We Designed the Ideal Cutting Board Just for You
Overhead shot of essential kitchen equipment against white background
The Kitchen Starter Kit: Essential Tools for Every Cook
A cast iron skillet on a white kitchen towel
The 7 Essential Pots and Pans Every Cook Needs
Equipment: Cake Testers Aren't Just For Cakes!
Le Creuset Bi-Material Spoon
Le Creuset's Bi-Material Spoon Is One of My Go-To Kitchen Tools
The Best Gifts for Beginner Cooks
The Food Lab's Emergency Cooking Kit: How to Fit All the Tools You Need in One Small Box
Whisking milk with pumpkin purée in a metal mixing bowl
How to Pick the Best Mixing Bowl
A Zeroll ice cream scoop
We Tested 17 Ice Cream Scoops—Here's The Best One
11 1/2 Things You Can Do With a Wooden Spoon (Besides Stirring)
2010019-eq-basic-part 1-carousel.jpg
Guide to Essential Kitchen Hand Tools, Part 1
A utensil crock full of wooden and nylon spoons and spatulas
Wooden Spoons Are Versatile—Here Is One of Our Favorites
We Tested 17 Cast Iron Skillets—Here Are the Best Ones
We Tested 24 Liquid Measuring Cups to Find the Best Ones
Pair of tongues picking up a piece of meat from cast iron skillet
We Tested 33 Sets of Kitchen Tongs—Here Are the 4 Best Models
Assorted can openers
We Tested 28 Can Openers—Here Are The Best Ones
I've Baked Thousands of Cakes—This is My Favorite Cake Pan
We Tested 9 Casserole Dishes—Here Are the Best Ones
How Muffin Pans (and Liners) Can Affect Your Favorite Recipe
a stainless steel stockpot with a lid.
We Tested 16 Stockpots—Here Are Our Favorites
Stacks of stainless-steel skillets sit on a countertop.
We Tested 25 Stainless-Steel Skillets to Find the Best Ones
Two immersion blenders (All-Clad and Hamilton Beach) side by side
We Tested 16 Immersion Blenders—Here Are Our Favorites
The Best Electric Kettles Do More Than Just Boil Water
How to Choose the Right Pie Pan (Hint: Cheaper Is Better)