Kellogg's Green Onion Chex Cereal, Reviewed

South Koreans demanded it. So did our cereal critic.

A box of Kellog's Green Onion Chex cereal on a counter.

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Cereal Eats: Kellogg’s Green Onion Chex Cereal, Reviewed

I was very open to the possibility that Kellogg’s Green Onion Chex could be good.

Maybe not as a breakfast cereal, but as a snack. I could see green onion-flavored bits being a welcome addition to Chex mix, and I thought if you crushed them up, they might make a nice breading for a chicken cutlet. I assumed the cereal would be savory and thus amenable to other uses. I also thought it would be mildly flavored; a hint of green onion more than anything else.

I was wrong. To the credit of Kellogg’s food scientists, Green Onion Chex are blasted with green onion flavor, to the point where it’s overpowering. The problem is that they’re also sweet, with the sugary coating of a more traditional Chex flavor. The combination of the powerful green onion flavor and the sugary coating takes the cereal from merely off-putting to actively bad. Milk, as you might imagine, just makes it worse. 

As you can see in the video, I did not take any of this well! I was not prepared for this novel combination of flavors. It was a zero spoon experience, the nadir of a lifetime of eating cereal. And yet, I’m glad I had the experience. Such is the pleasure, and the pain, of this venture.

I want to send a big thank you to the staff at Korea Joongang Daily, who sent me a box all the way from Seoul. I am very grateful for their help.

Verdict: 0 out of 5 spoons

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