Kansas City Backyard Pizza Oven


A good friend of mine, Andy G., who lives in Kansas City and who I've known since college days, emailed me last Friday: "I'm going to my friend Dan's place for pizza tomorrow. He built his own backyard oven."

So earlier this week, Andy emails me a link to some photos of Dan's oven, along with this info:

It was amazing. Some of the best pizza I have ever had. He used a good dough recipe and made a great sauce from scratch. But the oven:

He used EIGHT different types of brick.

It took him over SEVEN months to build.

I was surprised by how fast the pizzas cooked. About three minutes per pie. Of course, they were all small. He made about twenty by my estimates. Each was different.

He used the plans from some restaurant in Australia.

It is unbelievable.

I'll see if I can contact Dan and get some more details on his amazing-looking oven. It's really beautiful.