Gallery: Japanese Snacks: Drink-Flavored Candy

  • Soda Flavored Candies

    Japanese soda-flavored candy

    What makes soda-flavored grape candy different from just grape candy? A fizzy core of Pop Rocks-esque crunchies, that's what. All of these hard candies, with the exception of the Lotte Drinks Mix (which is, oddly, mostly based on energy drinks) have some form of carbonation in them. Which makes them more fun to eat, if not tastier.

    Koedo Cider Candy

    Japanese Koedo Cider Candy

    It's what cider candy should taste like, if cider tasted like... sugar water. Very mild in flavor and cloyingly sweet, I'll pass on this one.

    White Soda Candies

    Japanese white soda candy

    Whether gummy or hard, these guys add a touch of class to an otherwise kiddy-kandy dominated field. The hard candies have a fizzy center and feature an ingredient called "Creamy Powder." I'm not sure what to make of that.

    Ramune Candy

    Japanese ramune candy

    The coolest part about ramune soda is the cleverly designed glass bottle stopped up with a marble that you have to pop out before drinking. Without it, it just tastes like... bubble-gummy soda. So these little sugary pellets are basically bubble gum-flavored candy served in a bottle vaguely shaped like a much cooler real bottle. Fun, but not as fun as the real thing.

    Calpis Candies

    Japanese Calpis candy

    I grew up drinking Calpis, the tart, yogurt-based soft drink which was rebranded in the U.S. as "Calpico" after my dad called it "cow piss" one too many times. Of the two candies, only the soft chews remind me of the real thing, while the white chocolate balls just taste like, well, white chocolate.

    Coffee Candies

    Japanese coffee candy

    The Japanese like their coffee strong and candy-sweet, which makes for perfect translation into hard candies. The Cadbury Candy Caramel and Cafe seems like a great idea—layered, like a cappuccino, but it's way too sweet. Better is the Mikakuto Coffee Gyunyu, with a mild milky flavor.

    Green Tea Candy

    Japanese green tea candy

    These guys are not for everyone, particularly the Matcha Soft Candy, which features a milky, chewy, mildly sweet core covered in bitter, finely powdered matcha tea. A bittersweet treat.

    Cola Candies

    Japanese cola candy

    My wife really loves cola-flavored gummies, but I never got the appeal. They taste kinda like flat, warm coke, right? These hard candies all boast that same, unappetizing flavor. My wife can keep these for herself!

    Japanese drink-flavored candy