Snapshots from Israel: Jaffa Port Market

Jaffa Juice

Ronen Arditi's fruit juice stand sells a variety of pressed-to-order drinks, from the predictable-in-Israel pomegranate, to less common ones like beet-carrot-ginger.

Like many cities in Israel, Tel Aviv has its fair share of markets of a traditional, somewhat chaotic sort—butchers next to fruit vendors next to spice-sellers and juice-squeezers, open-air and crowded.

But the brand-new Jaffa Port Market, in an old warehouse right on the Mediterranean, is something different altogether. More in the model of San Francisco's Ferry Plaza or NYC's Chelsea Market, it's a curated selection of high-quality food vendors under one roof.

One of the founders, Leora Ganor, told us that she wanted to make sure that this was a market locals would really shop at and use—not just a dressed-up place for an expensive juice or high-end lunch. "Of course we're very selective about who has a stall at the market," she told us. "But for spices, fruits, all those staples, we're trying to keep it only a little more expensive than you'd see otherwise. Maybe it's 15%, 20% more than you'd see at a standard market in Tel Aviv. But it's not twice as much. It's not a luxury market."

In a still-summertime Israel, however, it's exceedingly pleasant to have air conditioning and shade as you shop for veggies and spices. The market is still taking its final form, with new stalls opening and other projects in the works. "We're going to have some stalls that host pop-ups," says Ganor; "and we're looking to get fishermen in here, too."

We wandered around the space and loved Ronen Arditi's fruit juice stand (with regional favorites like pomegranate and orange, as well as some less familiar ones); knafeh made to order; and the best hummus I tried in the Tel Aviv area. Take a look around the market in the slideshow!

Jaffa Port Market

Warehouse 1, Port of Jaffa, Israel

Editor's note: Carey was on a culinary tour of Israel through Taste of Israel.