Is This Breakfast? The Pretzel Croissant


Multiple choice time! The image you see at right is:

a) a pretzel
b) a croissant
c) breakfast
d) a snack
e) A, B, and D, but not C
f) all of the above

A tough one, isn’t it? The City Bakery in New York City is famous for many things, its fudge-thick hot chocolate and beloved chocolate chip cookies among them. But the only baked good to have its own website—really—is the pretzel croissant.

A happy oven-fresh love child of Paris and New York, the pretzel croissant is just what it sounds like—croissant dough in pretzel form. Now, if you made a pretzel-to-croissant spectrum, this guy would fall about two-thirds of the way toward the latter end; its pretzel tendencies are mainly superficial. The crust is crisp and very salty, studded with sesame seeds and baked long enough to give each little pastry arm a satisfying crunch. The interior, however, is tender and flaky—a pastry dough with nothing pretzel-like about it.


There’s no question it works. I’d been suspicious of a salty croissant, but one bite proved me wrong: the crust is crunchy enough to stand alone, mellowed by ensuing bites of buttery pastry without overwhelming them with salt. It’s snackable and addictive. But is it breakfast? I’m not sure. As eagerly as I devoured this pretzel croissant, I’m much more inclined toward something bready and sweet with my morning cappuccino.

So what do you think, serious eaters? Would you eat this croissant for breakfast?