Iron Man's Tony Stark Is a Genius, But Not When It Comes to Burgers


Yeah, I know I'm a couple weeks late to the Iron Man train here. So sue me. I've been working on other projects, so I just got around to seeing this kick-ass flick over the weekend.

Anyway, as a lot of you emailed me about, billionaire weapons magnate Tony Stark, after three months in evil-doer captivity, asks for a cheeseburger as his first meal back in the good ol' U.S. of A. And where does his driver grab it from?

Burger King.

Is Tony Starck a mechanical genius? Yes.

Is he a burger genius? No.

With so many great burgers to choose from in the L.A. area, I'm outraged that he'd pick a lame chain burger. But of course Father's Office, the Apple Pan, Irv's, In-N-Out, and all the other great places in the area don't have the movie tie-in bucks to throw around.

Matt Selman at Time magazine's Nerd World blog sums it up better than I can with this great Iron Man "deleted" scene.

And Obadiah Stane ain't too savvy with New York pizza, either.