Introducing Serious Eats' New Crowdsourced Recipe-Testing Initiative


Kenji, Stella, and I spend hours upon hours each month relentlessly testing every conceivable variable in our recipes. We then share the most pertinent details with you, along with the resulting recipes. But today, we've decided that's just not good enough.

No, starting today, we want to show all of our work, and, more than that, we want your help in gathering every last scrap of data possible while we do it. That means that we're setting up live feeds in all three of our test kitchens in New York City, the Bay Area, and Lexington, Kentucky. At any given time, our readers can drop in on those feeds to act as extra eyes on the process. You can then message us through our social channels on Twitter and Facebook to tell us anything you see that's noteworthy; just make sure to include a time stamp with your observations and any other important details. It's likely to end up being the most massive compendium of recipe-testing data ever.

This crowdsourced approach to creating recipes is still in its beta stage right now, but to kick off the initiative, we're going deep on beans. Click the video player embedded here to launch the live stream of our first test, and...let us know if you see anything cool!