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Hey Serious Eaters!

You know what's awesome? French fries. You know what's extra awesome? French fries with cheese sauce. Right?

Well, we feel like awesome things happen around Serious Eats World Headquarters pretty regularly,* but today I wanted to announce some extra awesome news to all of you in the Serious Eats community. Think of it as Serious Eats with cheese sauce.

*especially if you count cheeseburgers and tacos amongst the set of awesome things.

We've always been serious about bringing you the best original articles, opinions, taste tests, and recipes in the food world, and starting today, we're offering it to you in a completely new format. The Serious Eats Magazine debuts in the iTunes Newsstand Store for iOS today. It's available to anyone who owns an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. How does it work?


Once you download the Serious Eats Magazine app from the iTunes Newsstand Store, select a delivery plan, and start reading as soon as it finishes downloading. You'll get a brand new issue of the magazine twelve times per year, with each issue focusing on a different seasonal topic. Inside you'll find recipes, taste tests, equipment reviews, dining guides, and other features, all with trademark Serious Eats humor and thoroughness, and a focus on the passionate and inclusive coverage you've come to know (and hopefully like?) us for.

Not only that, but you'll read it in a beautifully designed, clutter-free environment from our awesome site designer Tracie Lee for the optimal reading experience, and featuring a slew of original (and awesome with cheese sauce) doodles from our art director, Robyn Lee.


So how do we find content for these magazines? It's a question we wracked our brains on long and hard before deciding that the most valuable service for our readers would be to craft issues around individual subjects—think barbecue, pizza, or pies—by combining the most popular recipes and features in our archives into single, elegant collections.

I've been having cook-outs and barbecues on my tiny New York balcony all summer long, testing out grilling recipes for the site with Ed and the rest of the Serious Eats crew in tow* to give feedback and tasting notes. So it's no wonder that when we were brainstorming on topics for the inaugural Serious Eats Magazine issue, our minds immediately went to grilling.

*can you believe that's part of our jobs?


This first issue (which is absolutely free!) is all about grilling steak. Do you have the six essential pieces of grilling gear? We'll help you decide what to get. Need an al fresco main course to wow the guests? Three words: stuffed flank steak. Want to know how to tell when your steak is finished? We show you how to grill a perfect steak, busting more than a few myths along the way. Check out the full issue to see what we have in store for you, and let us know what you think!

And if you really like this one, sign on to receive future issues at a rate of $19.99 for a yearly subscription, $1.99 per month for a recurring monthly, or $2.99 for individual issues. I and everyone else at Serious Eats World Headquarters sincerely want to give you the best Serious Eats experience possible, so please do let us know what you think of our new offering. And as always, happy grilling to you.

Download the magazine now!