Introducing Relish, Our Handy New Grocery-Shopping Assistant

Meet Relish, our new electronic assistant for your grocery-shopping needs.

Vicky Wasik

We've been brewing up something special for our readers for quite some time, and we're finally ready to make it public. It's called Relish, and it's basically an electronic assistant for your grocery-shopping needs. Perhaps you've even spotted it already—it's been hanging out on the site for a few months for beta-testing.

Relish was created by our parent company, Fexy Media, to streamline the process of purchasing ingredients for recipes on Serious Eats and our sister site, Simply Recipes. Beneath the ingredient list of every recipe, you’ll find a button that says “Shop Ingredients.” Simply click on that button, and the app will generate a shopping list for one, two, or dozens of recipes. If you want leftovers or need to feed a crowd—or if you're just hunkering down and cooking for one—you can use Relish to scale the ingredient list, so you don't buy more (or less) food than you need. You can remove ingredients you're already stocked up on and take your pared-down list to the supermarket. Or, even better, if you're feeling too lazy, too busy, or too pretty-much-anything to make it to the store, it'll automatically fill up a shopping cart on your grocery-shopping platform of choice—we're talking Instacart, Amazon, and more.*

*Depending on the shopping platform you select, it’s possible Serious Eats will receive a small affiliate commission from your purchase or that an advertiser will pay for placement of their brand in the shopping cart. In those cases, the sponsor will be marked on the recipe page, and you can always change the brand if you so desire.

You know the team at Serious Eats is committed to precision, so we've been testing Relish for months. We're happy to report the program has been carefully engineered by real live humans—people we've had phone calls and email exchanges and lunches and drinks with—who care about making your shopping experience as seamless and accurate as possible. Relish isn't always perfect, because online grocery shopping isn't always perfect. If you don’t want to use it, don’t—we’ve tried to make it as unobtrusive as possible. But we're confident we’ve made Relish as accurate and responsive as 2019 will allow us to get. So click the button, shop away, check your list before ordering, and enjoy. Now you can have access to a Serious Eats meal kit whenever hunger strikes.