Interesting Menu Selections at Chinese Pizza Hut


I mean, we all know that wacky toppings are sort of a thing in Asia, right? Who wouldn't want to eat "European-style Abalone Mushrooms Bacon" pizza or "Chi Heart Crown Shrimp" pizza, am I right?

But if you want to get to the really wacky stuff, you've got to go to the custom order page on the Chinese Pizza Hut page, as a recent reddit post showed us.

There amongst the Gentle Wind Vegetable Salad and the Mango Sago Sweet Soup, you'll find gems like "Marinated Brain Dough," and "Jew's Ear." Sorry, in case you were planning on ordering for a group, the latter is only available individual.

Check out the order page here, then let us know: what's the wackiest pizza topping you can think of?

(And yeah, I know—just imagine what they think of the stuff we put on their menus over here!)