Introducing Our Interactive, Totally Nonjudgmental Custom Nacho Recipe Generator

Morgan Eisenberg

Here at Serious Eats, we're not ashamed to admit that we take our nachos pretty...well, seriously. Over the years, we've brought you The Ultimate Fully Loaded Nachos, their equally loaded vegan counterpart, and dozens of creative variations, featuring toppings as unexpected (and, dare we say, ingenious) as pineapple and kimchi. We've debated so extensively amongst ourselves whether messy-style or Texas-style is king that ultimately we had to seek out a third party who cared just as much about the answer as Kenji (Dan Pashman of The Sporkful), then pit the two sides against each other in a perhaps absurdly long and detailed Clash of the Nachos.

But that's all old hat compared to what we've got today. Today, we're delighted to rise to a whole new level of nacho fanaticism, in the form of our shiny new custom nacho recipe generator. Simply put, it's the ultimate tool to build your signature plate of 'chos, free from any prescriptivism or judginess you might find in the recipes of the so-called experts—and document it, too.

Step one: Pick your preferred style, whether that's the messy pile or the individually topped (or throw tradition to the wind and take the totchos route!). From there, the world is your nacho: Select your cheese, meat (or vegan meat alternative), beans if you want 'em, and toppings galore, and the generator will spit out a custom recipe for you to share and cherish forever. We strongly encourage friendly competition, a.k.a. rubbing your superior nacho recipe in all your friends' faces. You can follow what other people are making by adding #SEnachoparty to your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter posts.

Let the party begin!