Nick Malgieri's Individual Coconut Cakes

20110614-156599-Nick-Malgieri-Coconut cakes-610.jpg

These snow-white little cakes are as delicious as any coconut sweet I've ever tasted.

Unsweetened coconut is available both as long shreds (like the sweetened coconut you can buy in the supermarket) or more finely ground. The shreds retain more moisture than the ground coconut does. Either may be used in this recipe, but if you use the shredded variety, pulse it in the food processor half a dozen times, not to grind it to a powder, but to reduce the shreds in size to about 1/8 inch.

Lately I've been baking this as a single larger cake and serving wedges with a sliced mango half. I like to use the flat slipper-shaped, yellow mangoes imported from Mexico.

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