In Videos: John Travolta's Double-Decking Slice-Struttin' Action in 'Saturday Night Fever'


I love it when a plan comes together. For years, I've been wanting to get a clip of the opening scene of Saturday Night Fever, the bit where John Travolta's Tony Manero orders two slices of pizza from Lenny's, double-decks them and struts down 86th Street in Bensonhurst. After mentioning the film earlier tonight, I dug around on YouTube, found the opener, and trimmed the vid down to just the relevant pizza-related footage. Enjoy ...

Link: Tony Manero's Double-Deckin' Slice Struttin' Action [YouTube]

Lenny's Pizza

1969 86th Street, Brooklyn NY 11214 (Bensonhurst; map) D train to 20th Avenue Station 718-946-1292


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